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3 Common Misktakes Home Cooks Make When Preparing Food
October 03, 2016

3 Common Mistakes Home Cooks Make When Preparing Food

When some people think about cooking food, the majority believe its all about the ingredients. While this basic principle is true, what sets a good dish to a great dish, is all about TECHNIQUE.

What is a cooking technique? The basic principle means how food is prepared. If you don't prepare food using proper technique, it can really bring down a dish with the texture or flavor not being up to par.

Here are some 3 common cooking mistakes people make:

Common mistake number 1:

Searing a piece of protein incorrectly

To get a proper sear, the temperature of the pan should be moderately high before adding your protein. The common mistake I am referring to is when the meat is moved too soon. Basically you want to leave it alone so that the hot temperature can go to work so that the end result is that nice caramelized crust which is loaded with flavor!

Common mistake number 2:

Not cutting up vegetables uniformly:

Why is this important? Its important because if the vegetables are not cut the same size, some pieces will be cooked and some undercooked in the time indicated in a recipe. By cutting uniformly everything cooks at the same rate.

Common mistake number 3: Adding oil to pasta cooking water

This common mistake have individuals thinking that if they add oil this will keep pasta from sticking together. The basic principle with cooking pasta is to make sure that you are using a large enough pot, for the amount of pasta you are cooking and using enough water so the pasta can move around.

Here is a wonderful tip I learned from a recent cooking demo with Chef Mary Ann Esposito, on how to cook perfect pasta each and every time:

Bring a large pot of water to a boil and add your salt. Once it reaches a boil, add your pasta. If making spaghetti, do not break in half! (The pot should be large enough to accommodate without breaking.)

Once the pasta is added, take the pot off the heat and cover with a lid. Wait 7 minutes and drain your pasta. It will be al-dente which is the perfect texture for pasta!

Have a wonderful week!

Chef Vanessa

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