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July Newsletter & Farewell (Website Closing of Ethnic Spicy Food &
July 02, 2018


Hope everyone will be having a Happy 4th of July this upcoming holiday! I'm sure a lot of you will be enjoying an abundance of delicious tasting food for loved ones, creating great memories....

Speaking of memories, this website brings me lots of them .It was the starting point of me being passionate about food and cooking from a variety of cuisines which led me to become a professional chef.

So, as my life has changed I am moving on to other business endeavors. I mentioned in a previous email that I've created a cooking course on called "Cooking with Spices"

The course is a great introduction to learning about spices and I've included some awesome video lessons. If you enjoy food with lots of flavor you can enroll in the course with a 50 percent discount by clicking this link: Cooking with Spices discount

In addition, in my own personal experience to eating healthier, I am building a business about "Superfoods"

If this is something you are interested in, you can download my FREE e-book with helpful information to improving your health. (your email address you will need to provide in order to receive.) Once, you download the e-book you will stay connected with me with this new venture! Click this link to download the E-book: Vitalizing Superfoods

I do hope you continue to cook some of your favorite recipes from ethnic spicy food and more.

Have a fun, safe and Happy 4th!!

Sincerely,Chef, Vanessa LaBranche

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