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Easy Cocktail for Entertaining-Sangria
December 19, 2016

Easy Cocktail for Entertaining-Sangria!

With the Christmas holiday approaching and the coming of the New Year, entertaining friends and family is pretty much the norm. Delicious food is always accompanied by some sort of cocktail and one of those cocktails on your list should be sangria!

Not only is sangria delicious and refreshing to drink, but it also very festive to look at with its deep red hue, with various fruit combinations.

In this tasty sangria recipe, it is flavored with warm spices of cinnamon and allspice. I like using a slightly sweet red wine, (my personal preference,) but feel free to use a traditional dry red wine if that is your preference.

Cheers to a joyous Christmas and Happy New Year!

Chef Vanessa


Serves 8

(About 1 cup per serving)


1 bottle of dry red wine or slightly sweet red wine

1/4 cup of brandy

1/4 cup of Grand Marnier

1/3 cup of sugar

1 cup of orange juice

2 fresh limes, juiced

2 whole allspice

1 cinnamon stick

2 cups of Polar Pomegranate sparkling water or other berry flavored sparkling water (chilled)

1 cup of strawberries, sliced

1 cup of frozen blackberries

2 small oranges, sliced into wedges


In a medium sized glass bowl, add the wine, brandy, Grand Marnier, and sugar. Place into the microwave on the (HIGH) setting for 1 minute or until it is warm . Stir to thoroughly combine to dissolve the sugar. Stir in the remaining red wine, orange and lime juice, allspice and the cinnamon stick.

Place into the fridge and let chill for 2 hours or more for depth of flavor.

Once chilled, strain the sangria into a pitcher and discard the whole allspice and cinnamon stick. Once you serve, stir in the pomegranate sparkling water along with the strawberries, blackberries and oranges. Serve over ice.

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