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How to Easily Elevate Flavors using Spice Rubs
August 29, 2016

How to Easily Elevate Flavors using Spice Rubs

When you cook food with spice rubs, it really can make a difference from taking food to another level. What's great about spice rubs is that you can get really creative by making your own. Yes, you can go to your local supermarket or gourmet store to purchase a product, but when you make your own, you can make to your liking with what goes in it.

There are diverse spice rubs out there on the market, with a variety from India to Asia, Mexico and other parts of the world.

By using spice rubs, you get to explore different cuisines in your cooking effortlessly which packs lots of flavor!

Spice rubs are commonly used to season meat, fish or poultry, but, in my opinion, it can easily be used to create another layer of flavor for grilled or roasted vegetables or even mixed into a creamy coleslaw for more depth of flavor.

To make a spice rub, experiment with what you have on hand for herbs and spices. If you are concerned about sodium use less to taste. My preference is Kosher salt which has a really clean taste. I usually use equal amounts to create a spice rub, but you can also use more or less of an herb or spice too if you want.

IF you enjoy southern cuisine, here is a Creole Rub recipe that you can easily create at home. I like to use a smoked paprika for an awesome flavor. You can find smoked paprika in some supermarkets or gourmet stores. If you cook often, you probably have most of these ingredients already on hand.

Enjoy and have a wonderful Labor Day weekend!

Creole Rub


1 tablespoon of cayenne pepper

2 tablespoons of celery salt

2 tablespoons of smoked paprika (mild)

1 tablespoon of garlic powder

1 tablespoon of onion powder

1 tablespoon of dried oregano

1 tablespoon of ground bay leaves

Directions: Place all of the spices into a bowl and mix together thoroughly. Rub the mixture onto poultry, fish, seafood for 1-2 hours before cooking. (This allows for the flavors to become more pronounced, but if you don't have the time, it still will be delicious cooking directly after coating.)

Place into a dish and cover tightly until ready to cook. (This spice rub will last for 3 months when placed into a jar with a tight fitting lid.)

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